Daily Prompt: Plop


via Daily Prompt: Plop

I plop down on the couch.


Plopping. That is an accurate description. A faceless mass plopping down into life, sliding and slipping and settling into all the cracks.

Plopping. To suggest: putty; play dough; poop.


Plop down onto the couch and stare at the television.

Or the wall.

Stare at a wall for long enough and the white starts fading into shadows, which starts fading into faces, and then my mind is off somewhere else and I am thinking about the future.


To be in the present, rather than moving into the future. This is not a bad thing. The future and all its uncertainties is what causes the plopping to begin with; as such being in the present is a good thing. To plop is to anchor, to settle down into, to move towards the point of contact (the floor, the couch, the cracks).

It is wise, then, to plop?

Is plopping a life saving act?