I have come to the conclusion that humans do not have individual Purpose; that there is no such thing as a specific Reason for an individual’s existence.

This goes against almost all new age theory… you know, the Martha Beck and Oprah Winfrey theory sect… but I am fairly certain.

Of course. It is all belief. There is no way to prove Purpose or No Purpose, no more than there is any way to prove God or No God.

Unless maybe purpose is existing and being content with existence. Or trying to find happiness in day-to-day endeavors.

What do you think, dear readers? I am curious to know before I write on about my reasoning.

4 thoughts on “Non-Existent

  1. The whole question of Purpose only arises when we posit a creator. Although I don’t share that belief I still find this life incredibly useful when I give it the meaning and purpose of pursuing liberation through the teachings of the Lord Buddha. Be well!

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    1. Yes! Exactly. To suggest that there is a individual Purpose, is to, by default, suggest that their is a Something that is assigning such a Purpose. However, one could argue that exploring the Noble Truths as meaning and purpose, is actually Purpose if we name Buddha as Teacher, who assigned the Noble Truths as a Purpose of discovery.

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  2. Rather than purpose, I like to thing more along the lines of “meaning”. This meaning can be anything we decide that makes us feel fulfilled, and can be something very simple to something much more complicated. Purpose is a very weighty word and causes too much stress….in my opinion at least! 😉

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