Welcome Back

Tuesday Thoughts

Time has flowed without me lately. Sorry.

Tuesday Thoughts: Humans should eradicate the word “just” from every language. Seriously, nothing good comes from this four-letter word. It is passive aggressive and demeaning.
For example:
You are JUST a stay at home mom (or *fill in the blank*).
You JUST have one child (or two, or three, or four)
You JUST don’t get it.
You JUST lost ten pounds?
You JUST gained ten pounds?
You are JUST a runner… or yogi… or You should JUST do a little bit of exercise.
Words have power, and “just” is a whiny, sniveling thing.
IMHO of course.

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. Totally agree. “Just” is also a way of insulating yourself from something significant that may change you. “Oh, she’s just one of those people who think (fill in the blank). In this sentence, the “blank” is effectively dismissed without the effort of giving it any thought. No learning, no growth, no change from the routine.

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