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A ton of negative comments, cartoons, and articles have hit my news feed today.

Here in the States it is Thanksgiving.

Traditionally, or at least how I understand it, this day is supposed to mark the generosity of Native Americans towards the Europeans that risked life and limb to settle in a “new land.”

Yeah. Not so innocent, of course. And my news feed today reminded me all about how those terrible, horrible Europeans (my ancestors) stole land and killed the native population, and were a disease on the continent.


It just… I don’t know.

Is there terrible history involved with the colonization of the Americas? Um, yes… what form of colonization does not include suppression and killing?

Should these things be celebrated? Absolutely not. And there should be recognition, teaching, and understanding of the horrible nature of the past.


For every person I know that lives in the States and celebrates this day, Thanksgiving has nothing to do with those pilgrims and has to do with three things:








And in that order.

Is it a holiday based in lies? Yeah, okay maybe, but as all things and everything, interpretation and association change. We change. Society changes.

Definitions change.

Thanksgiving. Giving thanks. Being thankful. In the end, I think that sums it up, nothing more or less. So, I choose to make this day about being thankful, and I am purposefully ignoring those who would like to make the holiday a political bashing ground.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and readers in the United States and around the world. I give thanks for you, because every single one of you deserves it.

Now go eat some pie.

3 thoughts on “Thanks-not-giving

  1. I really like this article. It is an excellent point of view.

    We should always give thanks and count our blessings – every day.

    Two points that I occasionally make to my American friends….

    1. Unless you are a native American [Indian], you are an immigrant, so you cannot tell immigrants to “go home.” Actually, much the same can be said of Great Britain. We are a complete mixture of races fro mall over the place.

    2. If the native Americans had given the Founding Fathers a donkey instead of a turkey, three hundred million people would be eating ASS at Thanksgiving.

    Just testing my friends’ sense of humor! 🙂

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    1. Dear Lord, thank you for providing this ass. Bahahaha! And yes. I completely and utterly agree about the immigration thing. We are a nation built on accepting those who needed somewhere to go and a new beginning. It is unfair, cruel, and hypocritical to deny people that gift just because it is 2015 and not 1915.

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      1. Hurrah for you!

        Tolerance and understanding and the hunger to learn about cultures, languages and cuisines other than our own is what should drive society.

        I believe that you would like my personal motto which appears at the bottom of my “About” page.

        Take a look around my blog if you have time. There are many small snippets in my Titbits page which are guaranteed to make you laugh.

        Have fun!

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