Welcome to the Dark Side

Dark Side

What is the thing that would tempt you to the dark side?

Funny thought question for this morning, but an interesting exercise in identifying personality traits. And you know me, all about those personality traits.

Somewhere, once upon a time, I read that everyone has one thing that would tempt them to murder, or other nefarious activities. The idea is that if an evil entity promised you *fill in the blank* in exchange for your soul, you would do it.

Sound familiar? It is an insanely popular theme in books, movies, etc., speaking to human’s forever battle with temptation.

I don’t care about cookies, but if someone was to offer me higher intelligence, I would have a serious problem.

I read an article on Slate this morning about being and functioning as a high IQ person. I do not have a high IQ; it is somewhere in the lower echelon of average actually… and this has forever bothered me. I want to have a high IQ. It is the weirdest, strangest feeling of inadequacy (there is that word again), and I have always wished that I could be one of those highly intelligent people that are able to solve puzzles and mathematical equations.

Weird right?

But it is ingrained. DEEEEPLY ingrained. The kind of desire that you feel in your gut, that makes your hands tingle. The kind of feeling of missing something… something HUGE.

Therefore, if an evil entity came to me and said: “I will make you like this, I will make it so ‘you can likely see deeper, further, and more incisively…'”

I would.  I think.

And therein lies the dilemma and construct of all great super heroes… and super villains.

There are two roads to take from this junction. One is to wonder if I would become evil when faced with this choice. The other is to try to understand why I have the need to be more intelligent than I am.

It’s like looking at the stars and knowing that I will never be able to touch them.



What is your temptation to the dark side?

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